Jazzy Sketching

21, 22 and 23 June 2024 Ascona, Switzerland

Creating unique characters at the JazzAscona Festival with Victoria Semykina DATE: 21, 22 and 23 June, 2024


21 June. Friday. 18.00 - 21.00

22 June. Saturday. 14.00-17.00 -break -18.00-21.00

23 June. Sunday. 14.00-17.00 -break -18.00-21.00

DURATION: 15 hours. PRICE: € 380 /380 sfr.

PLACE: Ascona, Switzerland LANGUAGE: English.

This course is unique as it's happening at the famous Ascona Jazz Festival. We'll be drawing outside, sketching the world's top musicians. We will improvise with them, enjoying the music and having a great time. You'll learn how to create characters with loads of personality for your illustrations. If you're into jazz, good vibes, and drawing in a free-flowing style, then this course is totally for you!

✦What we will be doing during the course?


Let’s start by helping you relax and overcome your fear of drawing people from life. Get ready for fun exercises that will show you that drawing a person is not scary. You will learn how to draw musicians in motion and how to express the mood and energy of the music. We will improvise a lot and learn how to turn mistakes into advantages.

We’ll experiment with various techniques and train our memory.

You’ll also learn how to capture expressions, poses, gestures, and details to make your characters believable and strong.


✦ What will be in the program of the course?

°“Blind drawing” – making lines free and loose

°Breaking through the fear of sketching people in public

°Basic anatomy for sketching

°Drawing gestures

°Sketching musicians in motion

°Capturing facial expressions and emotions

°Drawing music with lines and shapes

°Drawing characters straight from your memory

°Overcoming the fear of a blank sheet of paper

°Bringing musicality and improvisation into your art Recommended materials:

*Graphite pencils, brush pens, and a sketchbook. If you feel like it, you can also bring

along colored pencils, a small watercolor set, and any other materials of your preference.

*** All the concerts and events will be for free, so we will enjoy the festival for 100%! BIO

Artist and illustrator Victoria Semykina creates illustrations with compelling charismatic protagonists that she captures in all sorts of places: on the streets, in transport, in shops, in museums, and even in her dreams.


She has worked for clients like Google, Airbnb, Tate Modern, Starbucks, Esquire, and published many picture books for publishers like Penguin, Bonnier, Anredsen Press, Holiday House, Egmont, and many others. She has won numerous awards, including the Andersen Award and the Nami Grand Prix for the best-illustrated book.


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